Blot Clock

Blot Clock

7art Blot Clock will show you the right time in a note written by hand

Do you remember your school days when you used to write everything down on your notebook?
Do you remember the kind of numbers and letters you used to write those things?
7art Blot Clock will show you the right time in a note written by hand.

This unique screensaver will take you back to your childhood years, when you used to be running all the time and when you had to remember something you just jotted it on a piece of paper?
I can even dare saying that although everybody's handwriting was different, the style used by most of us to write down quick notes was very similar.
Even for the notes that we used to pass to a friend in class.

This screensaver is exactly what its name says: a clock.
It is a clock that will show you the correct hour all the time, but it will show it as numbers written by hand on a piece of paper.

No fancy displays, no fancy sounds.
Not even fancy animations.
The only movement you will see is the numbers themselves as if you were looking at them through water or glass.

7art Blot Clock will surely take you back in time.
Who knows? Maybe you will even remember events already forgotten.

Fernando Soni
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  • Interesting and different


  • It's only that: a clock
  • It does nothing else
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